GitHub Actions are currently in beta but are already proving to be another great addition to the GitHub ecosystem.

The Actions allow you to integrate Azure DevOps-like workflows into your repositories, either defined by you or from the ever growing marketplace.

Creating an Action

GitHub’s “hello world” Creating a JavaScript action article is a great way to get a simple action running and understand the basics of the metadata, toolkit packages, and workflow definitions. All possible GitHub API integrations can be found in the octokit documentation.

Actions can be created for a specific project, or opened up to the marketplace and installed across any GitHub project. Like many things GitHub offers, running actions in opensource is free!

PR Merge Bot

PR Merge Bot manages pull request integrations by allowing a structured workflow. The workflow can use required labels, blocking labels, and require that reviewers sign-off. Once conditions are met the pull request will be integrated and branch deleted. The workflow can be configured with the following settings:

reviewers: Reviewers required and reviewers must all approve. This enforces a reviewer mode where there cannot be any pending reviews and the submitted reviews must be in an “approved” state. Default is true.

labels: One or more labels required for integration. Default is "ready".

blocking-labels: One or more labels that block the integration. Default is "do not merge".

method: Merge method to use. Possible values are merge, squash or rebase. Default is merge.

test: Runs in test mode and will comment rather than merge. This allows you to experiment with the settings without integrating a pull request. Default is false.

You can use PR Merge Bot by configuring a YAML-based workflow file, e.g. .github/workflows/merge-bot.yml.

name: Merge Bot
    types: [labeled, unlabeled, review_request_removed]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: Merge
    - name: Integration check
      uses: squalrus/merge-bot@v0.2.0
        GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        test: true
        reviewers: true
        labels: ready, merge
        blocking-labels: do not merge
        method: squash

If you’re interested in adding review workflows to your pull requests, give PR Merge Bot a try! If you’d like to see a feature added, create a pull request or an issue.